Business Apps
Powered by ciSUITE:

Power your Business App using ciSUITE:

Imagine being able to change the content and functional logic of your mobile business app at any time, for free!

We did, and we loved the idea ... so we made it happen!


Pre-rolled Modules or Complete Customisation

Our own-branded ciSUITE: Business Apps

We have many pre-rolled functional modules ready to take your business data and present it to your audience - and we also provide custom options as part of our standard service.

Some of the private app modules currently available include:

  • Timesheets (with integration into payroll systems, reporting etc)
  • Reference Library (documents, manuals, etc)
  • Safety and Procedural Checklists
  • Staff Lists
  • Contacts
  • Locations (including customisable data sources - pull data from your fleet GPS or sales locations, or anything)
  • Push Notifications
  • Email-alerting (turn your existing email into a push notification powerhouse - e.g. If "Joe Bloggs" or your security camera sends you an email, an alert will appear on your phone within 60-seconds) 
  • Product look-up (including barcode scanning)

We can build a custom app for your business (complete with custom interface design, icon etc) for private or public distribution - or for smaller teams that don't need all that fancy branding, you can simply subscribe to our services on a per-module and per-user basis and access them via our free whitelabel app called "Business Apps - Powered by ciSUITE:" (download for iOS or Android). 


... and with ciSUITE: Administrator you can manage the content and features of your app from your Mac/PC, phone, or tablet.