Timesheeting Apps with More

Timesheeting Apps with More

Just about every industry that places a person on-site needs to know that the person has turned up for work.

It's why timesheets were invented, and why having a simple app that your staff can use to record their work hours can help you increase your efficiency and billing opportunities.

But what if you could do more than just record the hours worked ?

Using our Apps Powered by ciSUITE: platform, you could do so much more, including:

  • Manual / Automated Timesheeting

  • Safety Checklists

  • Emergency Messaging

  • Movement Monitoring

  • Reference Materials

Key Benefits for On-site Businesses

Low Cost Per User

Prices start as low as $7 (+GST) per user, per month


Forget tick-and-flick paper forms and office data entry

Cloud Power

No need for local servers - ciSUITE: runs in the Cloud

Safety First

Keep an eye on your staff movements for the safety and benefit of everyone

Manual / Automated Timesheeting

With our timesheeting functionality, your workers can log every job, every minute of the day - and be accountable for being on-site and in the right place at the right time.

Every timesheet entry can be automatically tagged with the location of the user and the date/time as well as any other relevant information such as safety checklists and accident reporting.

If you don't need your staff to enter specific details of their job, we can even log their hours on-site automatically. As long as they have their phone (or tablet) and the app, then you can see when they arrive and leave any location or area that you choose.

And using bluetooth proximity beacons, you can even remind them to clean their boots as they walk through the door to the break room!

Safety Checklists

If you require your workers to perform safety checklists before operating certain machinery or entering the site, giving them the ability to do so on their phone or tablet makes things much easier for them and saves manual data entry back at the office.

They can even attach photos and videos to their checklists.

As an added benefit, you can receive reports in real-time meaning that you have a better handle on what's going on at any point in time.

With ciSUITE:, you can easily build your own checklists and administer them as part of everyday processes such as timesheeting, or as part of an induction process (which your workers can, of course, also take using their phones or tablets).

Emergency Messaging

When something goes wrong, getting word out quickly can be a matter of life or death.

Send push notifications to a group of workers based on smart criteria such as "who is on site right now" or "entire night shift" means that you can better manage a dangerous situation rather than leaving it up to chance.

Also, if the coffee van is going to be delayed you may like to tell your people to stay put and not wait around!

Movement Monitoring

Using bluetooth beacons or geo-fences, the movements of your workers can be automatically monitored.

For example, as a worker passes the main gate of your site their presence can be logged and they become part of the "who is currently on site" group that can be contacted in case of an on-site emergency.


Reference Materials

Adding reference materials such as machinery/service manuals or copies of the latest compliance legislation is as easy as using our free ciSUITE: Administration system (or mobile app) and uploading the documents.

Documents become immediately available to all users and you can even announce the new documents by using our messaging module.

Advanced options are also available to limit access to certain documents based on the user's role.