Manage Anywhere

Manage your site, shop, or app from anywhere using your phone, tablet, or computer.

Use our Browser-based Administration System

Manage your site, blog, shop, or app from anywhere, any time

If you're on your laptop or desktop, the easiest way to manage your site, shop, or app contents is by logging in to your ciSUITE: Admin system.

And making changes couldn't be simpler ... just find your page and fill in the form to change the content of that page.


Or use our free Mobile App for iOS and Android

Manage your site, blog, shop, or app from anywhere, any time

If you need to manage your ciSUITE:-powered website, blog, shop, or application while you're on the go then this is the app for you!

All you need are your ciSUITE: credentials (the domain name of your ciSUITE:-powered site/app, your admin username and your password).

From there, you can manage all the important parts of your site or mobile app - including all pages, products (if you have a shopping-enabled site), users, and any other modules implemented when we built your site.

Be notified of sales and inquiries made through your online shop and manage products (and orders) using barcode scanning built right into your admin app.

We have included security features like an automatic time-out so you can use biometric verification (on supported devices) or your password (with 2-factor authentication via email/SMS) to stop unauthorised changes to your website.

It's that simple and it's FREE!

There is no cost for using this app, but you do need to have a valid ciSUITE: website or online store if you want to use the app to manage your content.

To download the free ciSUITE: Administrator app, click here for iOS (iPhone and iPad) or click here to download for Android (handsets and tablets).