Apps for Cleaning Contractors

Safety and Progress Reporting

Our Business Apps - Powered by ciSUITE: can be used by cleaning contractors and franchisees/franchisors to provide safety and progress reporting with functionality including:

  • Location Awareness

  • Proximity Awareness

  • Messaging

  • Location and Activity Logging

  • Client-facing services

Key Benefits for Cleaning Contractors


The app "knows" when your user enters or leaves a location

Live Notifications

Notify multiple users of critical events - manually or automatically (including infection control orders for specific locations)

Cloud Power

No need for local servers - ciSUITE: runs in the Cloud


We can create custom reports to suit your business needs

Location Awareness

Set up unlimited locations such as an entire suburb, an industrial estate, or a single premises by dropping a pin on a map and defining how wide a radius to cover.

When your cleaners enter or exit the area, ciSUITE: can log the activity and can even notify other app users who are in the area.

Ideal for automated timesheeting and COVID-tracking.

Proximity Awareness

On large sites, by simply installing inexpensive bluetooth beacons at specific locations such as on each floor in a highrise, or at a factory floor entrance, your ciSUITE: app can become aware of your user's proximity to that physical location.

When your staff member comes within a few metres of the beacon, ciSUITE: can log the activity along with their details and GPS location for later analysis and reporting. 

We can even add smarts to the system that can alert other members of the team if their teammate hasn't left a certain area in a timely manner (or hasn't entered an area after leaving a previous one) - to keep them safe.

The cost of bluetooth beacons start as low as $35 (+GST) for a tiny, unobtrusive device that is self-adhesive and has a 3-year maintenance-free battery life.


Need somewhere to communicate securely among team members (or groups) on large sites ?

Or send messages to head office to arrange stock refills/transfers ?

ciSUITE: Messaging is easily added and provides a secure place for tracked messaging regardless of individual users' phone numbers - so a composite or complex cleaning crew on a large site do not need to know each other's private contact details.

Location and Activity Logging

Using manual and automated triggering, your users' activities and locations can be logged for compliance, invoicing, and safety.

We can create custom reports that deliver this data in just about any format (the most common being CSV, Excel spreadsheets, and PDF documents) and can automate sending of these reports according to specific schedules (e.g. management reports sent each Monday morning). 

Our team of business and process consultants can develop bespoke algorithmically-controlled logic (or machine learning) that can keep a smart eye on your resources, keeping them safe and productive at all times.

Client-facing services

Retain your clients for longer and with more ease by empowering them to keep in touch about specific requirements whenever they see them during their workday by providing them access to their own version of your team management app.