Standard Sites

Standard Sites

Make changes to your own website for free, any time - any where!

A "Standard" website is one that represent your business but doesn't actively participate in it (outside of promoting it and showing off your products and services, of course).

Google and the other search engines love standard sites, but what they love even more are sites that have content that changes regularly and presents a resource for potential visitors.

Think about it ... if you were asked to recommend a website to someone, would you recommend a site that is a static brochure for a business or would you recommend one that has regularly-updated information for that person to explore and learn more about a subject ?

Google prefers deeper websites that change regularly. It's that simple. So, using a Content Management System (CMS) like ciSUITE:, which makes it a breeze to add pages and change content becomes an essential tool. 

If you're tired of paying your web designer just to make changes to your website ?

Using a CMS like ciSUITE: means that you can instantly update key content on any page of your website whenever you like and as often as you like.

Change your phone number, add a blog post or upload some examples of your most recent work in a jiffy (on your PC/laptop or mobile device).