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Handy Tips / How to ...

Below are some handy tips on how to use different features of the web version of the ciSUITE: Administration system.

If you already have a ciSUITE:-powered site or app, you should refer to the video tutorial we provided at the time we finished your website. That video is tailor-made for your site and contains examples relevant to your particular deployment of ciSUITE:

Short Intro to ciSUITE: Administration

How to log in and change text on a page in ciSUITE: Administration

This short video shows you how to quickly find a page and make a simple text change in your ciSUITE: Content Management System.

Changing a Background Image

Change a Background Image on a page in ciSUITE: Administration

The design of some websites (like and uses different background images to create a visually attractive and diverse site.

Using ciSUITE: Administrator, you can either upload a new image or use one that has already been uploaded before.

In this example, we will re-use an image that we've used on another page previously.

Adding or Changing Loop Content

Change Loop Content

"Loops" are parts of templates that you can repeat indefinitely to create complex page content with ease.

It's how we can use just a single template to create complex websites with a great visual variety in the on-page content.