Truck Tracker


Automatically log when your drivers enter or leave the yard or site

Live Notifications

Notify multiple users of critical events - manually or automatically

Cloud Power

No need for local servers - ciSUITE: runs in the Cloud


We can create custom reports, including on-time deliveries and driver fatigue

Location Awareness

Locate drivers & assets

Set up unlimited locations, including your yard and every client site/facility that your trucks service.

When your driver enters or exits a location, ciSUITE: can log the activity for later reporting and can even send messages to other users to let them know.

For example, you may have a staging area for a large job and each of your trucks should only enter the actual site one-at-a-time. In this case, the next driver in the staging area can be notified when the previous  driver has left the site.



Event-based & manual messages

We can create custom automated messaging logic specific to your business, so - for example - your site management or security teams can be notified automatically as a driver approaches a location (such as a gate or site).

If integrated with scheduling or production solutions, your teams can be notified when a specific event occurs. This can include when a driver is running late and passes a weighpoint, or when an inbound delivery has been delayed so your own driver is not needed until a later time.   

In addition to automated messaging, manual sending of messages can also be done to alert your drivers, site managers, customers, and management to events as they occur (e.g. "site is temporarily closed due to flooding").

Messages can be received in the form of app notifications or emails, and can be tied in with other third-party systems such as workflow planning platforms or SMS messages to integrate with your existing business processes.

Activity Logging

Using manual and automated triggering, your drivers' activities and locations can be logged for compliance, invoicing, and safety.

We can create custom reports that deliver this data in just about any format (the most common being CSV, Excel spreadsheets, and PDF documents) and can automate sending of these reports according to specific schedules (e.g. management reports sent each Monday morning).

Safety Compliance and Reporting

Using our Forms options, your drivers and site managers can access safety reporting either as routine tick-and-flick forms or as incident reports.

All forms can include image uploads and are safely stored in a secure database for reporting and auditing.